A wide range of machinery to support both digital and offset printing demands

Offset Press

  • Offset press is known for its consistency and cost for large quantities
  • The more you print, the cheaper it isĀ 
  • Wide range of suitable substrate
  • The higesht print quality can be achievedĀ 
  • Suitable for Envelopes, Letterhead, Invoices Stationery Printing, etc

Digital Printing

  • Setup costs are lower for short runs
  • Print of demand
  • Low minimum quantity
  • Inexpensive black & white printing
  • Suitable for worksheets, letter with variable data, short-run jobs, etc


Corner Stapling

The cheapest and the most conventional way to bond the papers together. Suitable for notes, training materials and worksheets below 20 sheets of papers.

Saddle Stitch

A popular type of finishing to be used in magazines, brochures, catalogs, worksheets, notebooks, etc. Saddle Stitching is to staple 2 staples in between the papers after folding. Commonly described as the close size (A4 or A5 size) after folding. Page ranged between 4 to 80 printed pages

Plastic Ring Bind

Known as plastic ring binding or comb binding. By using a 20/21 hole plastic ring to bind the papers together after punching. A very common type of binding for school notes, books, final year projects, etc. Page range between 20 sheets to 400 sheets of papers

Wire O Binding

Another type of binding similiar to plastic ring binding but uses metal wire. A very much presentable type of binding that is suitable for FYP, Tender Documents, Quotation, etc. Page range between 2 to 90 sheets of papers

Stationery Printing


Schools / Course Materials / Training Manuals